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2 Wisdom Teeth Removed? 6 lb Enchilada? No Problem!

We had the incredible Raina Huang stop by and take the Chupacabra Challenge, this week at Taqueros!

Those who take on the Chupacabra must eat Taqueros’ famous 6 Pound Enchilada (along with the beans and rice on the side) in 30 minutes or less, without getting up or using the restroom. Her brave endeavor had an extra layer to it – she had just had two wisdom teeth removed a few days before she took the challenge.

But Raina powered through the pain, and completed the challenge in just over 15 minutes.

Yes, we’re just as impressed as you are.

She posted this video to her YouTube page. Check it out!

Raina’s prize for winning ( and doing it without her wisdom teeth!) was an exclusive Taqueros T-Shirt, along with a VIP Card that gets her a free taco every time she comes in. And, you know. Eternal glory.

Think you’re brave enough to take on the Chupacabra Challenge too? Stop by at Taqueros Mexican Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano and we’ll put a 6 Pound Enchilada in front of you.

Not a brave person, and openly proud of it? Great. We have some normal-sized enchiladas for you too.

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