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Pork Chunks in Red or Green Salsa and Tortilla Soup

Now that we’ve completed our first two weeks of Abuelita’s Best Dishes we are excited to move on to our second week. Again this week we have some of our family’s favorites and to really keep the excitement going we are featuring two items! If you haven’t come down to try the first two weeks, that is perfectly fine. We’ve talked to a bunch of community members and local foodies …Read More

Abuelita’s Best Dishes: Chicharrón en salsa verde o roja and Abondiga Soup

Everyone, get the excitement flowing! Abuelita is announcing her first dish that she is bringing to Taqueros. And because this is the first week, we are bringing two dishes! 1. Chicharrón en Salsa Verde o Roja (Fried Pork Rinds in Green or Red Salsa) Chicharrón en Salsa Verde o Roja is a simple, but extremely popular dish found in Mexico. This dish can be enjoyed by itself, but also be …Read More