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Abuelita’s Best Dishes: Bringing the Best Home Style Mexican Food to You

Everyone to the living room! Its time for a family meeting.

We have some exciting news. Over the next four months, we will be bringing a little more flavor of home to our menu. We’ve noticed that the food we make has successfully brought that family and home style Mexican feel for our patrons. But there is just so much more we can offer.

It took some planning, going to the drawing board and experimenting in the kitchen but we now have a new set of items that will be available to all customers for a limited time. The items will be classic home sytle Mexican food dishes that our family has grown up on. These dishes however are extremely rare in Mexican food establishments. That’s why we are doing this though, we want to be able to educate and share the food that many people don’t see in Orange County. In order to keep everything exciting, we will be featuring a new item every two weeks. Once those two weeks are over, a new item will be featured!

The week prior, we will announce the items that customers can expect for the month! We invite everyone to come and try some of the items we have.

Check Out the Abuelita's Best Dishes

The official calendar of items has been published! Feel free to check out what is coming up!  

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