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Chupacabra Challenge

The Chupacabra Challenge is back!

Think you have what it takes to eat a

6 Pound Enchilada?

Try it. We dare you.

This challenge was named after the legendary creature El Chupacabra, known for haunting various parts of the world. But at Taqueros, the Chupacabra is just a really massive enchilada! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to finish the whole plate with the enchilada and sides.

The rules:

  • You have to finish it in 30 minutes
  • You cannot get up or use the restroom
  • If you lose, you must pay for the enchilada

If you win, you get:

  • Your enchilada for free!
  • Taqueros shirt
  • Taqueros VIP Card – good for one free taco at every visit, for a year!
  • Eternal glory as the Chupacabra Challenge Champion!


Take the challenge at Taqueros Mexican Restaurant today.