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Pork Chunks in Red or Green Salsa and Tortilla Soup


Now that we’ve completed our first two weeks of Abuelita’s Best Dishes we are excited to move on to our second week. Again this week we have some of our family’s favorites and to really keep the excitement going we are featuring two items! If you haven’t come down to try the first two weeks, that is perfectly fine. We’ve talked to a bunch of community members and local foodies and we will continue to update and launch the next items through our blog. So take your time and we hope you enjoy these next two week’s featured items!

chile-verde-vert-600 (1)1. Trozos De Puerco En Salsa Roja o Verde (Pork Chunks in Red or Green Salsa)

As simple as it sounds, but of course as delicious as it sounds. This dish combines the best of so many world, including the savory delectable bits and chunks of pork. Soak this in a fresh, warm blend of either green or red salsa and you get a filling, warm dish that packs a punch of flavor.

Only found in the most authentic taquerias, restaurants or communities, this dish is one we are excited to bring to San Juan Capistrano. It shows the versatility of our culture, but also the beautiful blend of flavors that can be accomplished with some creativity!


2. Tortilla Soup

A mexican classic that needs to introduction. Tortilla soup was an obvious choice for us as the weather continues to go from cold to hot to cold. This traditional dish is cooked with a broth of tomatoes, garlic, onions and a blend of Mexican ingredients. We top off the soup of course with a little crunch, including fried corn tortilla pieces. Definitely one of the classic comfort soups and one that can save you from those sudden cold nights.

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