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Tacos de Trompo

The Authentic Flavor of Tacos de Trompo

For over a decade, Taqueros has been bringing families and the community together to share Mexican culture through authentic cuisine. With our newest menu item, Tacos de Trompo or Tacos Al Pastor, we are bringing the “street taco” experience to Orange County!

Tacos Al Pastor is a dish originating from Central Mexico, which is prepared from pork marinated in a variety of dried chilies and spices. It is cooked on a vertical rotisserie called a Trompo. Once cooked, the meat is cut off in thin slices and served on tortilla with onions, coriander, pineapple, and other ingredients. For someone who misses their hometown in Mexico, the rich flavors of this authentic dish will take you right back home.

The Taqueros family constantly strives to improve the quality of Mexican food in Orange County by bringing you the authentic flavors of Mexican food at affordable prices.


Muy Delicioso. Translation= Top Notch tacos at amazing prices. I will definitely be back! #Taqueros #TacoLove

−Philip Vanichviroon, Irvine Resident


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