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As many of you already know, Taqueros in San Juan Capistrano has been providing the most authentic Mexican flavors in Orange County for years. With the recent introduction of Tacos de Trompo to our menu, we figured it was time to let the world know! Tacos de Trompo is our newest offering at Taqueros. They are pork tacos seasoned with a variety of spices and chilies. The meat for these tacos is cooked on a vertical rotisserie, which is then sliced off and served on a tortilla – straight from the Trompo grill to your plate! You can read more about Tacos de Trompo here.

To kick off 2017, we invited food bloggers from all over Orange County to come check out our favorite menu items, including Tacos de Trompo. From tasty Licuados and Aguas Frescas, to the unique experience of Tostiloco, we wanted the foodies of Orange County to try the wide range of flavors that Mexican cuisine is known for. Each item for the VIP menu was hand-selected by the owner of Taqueros, as his personal favorites!

The VIP attendees of our event got to try items like:

  • Beverages: Licuado Mamey, Agua de PlΓ‘tano, Vampiro
  • Appetizers: Tostiloco, Chips & Salsa, Caldo de Pollo, Menudo
  • Entrees: Tacos de Trompo, Fish Taco, Shredded Beef Crispy Taco, Cubana, Carnitas Burrito, California Burrito, Ceviche Shrimp Tostada

The star of the show, of course, was the Tacos de Trompo. Our guests always enjoy the aroma of Al Pastor cooking on the grill – the lines were out the door! You could say that it was the most authentic experience of getting street tacos, like we do back home in Mexico.

Here is what they had to say!


The Cubano is definitely one of our favorites as well!

This Cubano Torta from @taqueros_mexicanfood was my meal tonight. Very solid.

A post shared by Mike (@eatingmywaythroughoc) on

OC Food Diva

These photos from OC Food Diva are incredible!

OC Mom Dining

Check out the Trompo in action!

Tacos de Trompo! #ocmomdining #ocmomblog #tacos #taqueros #sjc #sanjuancapistrano

A post shared by OC Mom Dining (@ocmom_dining) on

Eat With Hop

A great photo of one of our favorites – the Tostiloco! It’s a very unique dish, isn’t it?


We want to thank everyone for coming out! It’s always nice to have fans of authentic Mexican food at our restaurant and share their stories with us. Share the love of Taqueros by following us on Instagram at @Taqueros_MexicanFood, and check in on Yelp!

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